The Delmas Spirit

We have drawn our strength from our passion to build a strong imprint, a unique style combining tradition and modernity, while always in the respect of the environment and the rules of organic production.

A family passion for the last 3 generations.

The Delmas story began 3 generations ago: Omer, my father, cultivated the 3 hectares of vines which he himself had inherited from his grandfather. In turn, since 1986, it is now myself, Bernard, cook for 10 years but now committed with Marlène my wife, to perpetuate and develop the family tradition.

In the Domain, working with the family is important. For us, this is a state of mind that has allowed us to evolve boldly and to meet the challenges of an independent winery production. As early as 1986, we decided to convert all of our vineyard into organic farming, a commitment that we maintain to this day.

Now Baptiste, our son, has joined us in the domain. The heritage continues and the Delmas spirit is more alive than ever.

Respect is at the heart of our approach

Our family estate is located in the Upper Valley region, at the heart of the charming village of Antugnac which rises as an amphitheatre on the southern slope of a hill, benefiting from a exceptional location, ideal for the production of our wines.

In love with our region, concerned about the continuity of our heritage, our sustainable development turns towards several converging objectives:

-Respect for the environment and the protection of biodiversity:

Concerned about the environment, we are working for the preservation and development of the terroirs and landscapes as well as the protection of plants and animals to contribute to the maintenance of a biodiversity that is essential to the survival of the species.

-Respect of Mankind:

As we respect the ground and the animal, we respect mankind. We produce high quality wines in terms of taste, smell and texture without adding chemicals, or pesticides, or insecticides, toxic and dangerous for the health of human beings.

Dynamism and spirit of innovation

In less than 30 years, our estate has experienced strong development in terms of vineyard surface area, product range and modernization of the production tools. The vineyard has now 31 hectares and nearly 150,000 bottles are marketed annually in France and abroad. This remarkable development reflects the dynamism and the spirit of innovation it embodies, always pushing forward to promote its products in France and abroad.

This spirit of innovation can be seen through:

Modern facilities with a green roof system:

In harmony with the landscape, the green roofs on our cellar and winery combine tradition and modernity in an ecological, aesthetic approach and save energy through thermal insulation.

-A 75% international distribution:

Our domain developed its international clientele starting in the 90s and strives every day to strengthen its presence in foreign markets.

–Continual growth:

From its creation to the present day, the Delmas Domain has continued to grow both domestically and abroad; a success we owe to our dynamism and our perseverance.

The requirement of quality

Concern for quality and consumer satisfaction are among our priorities. The entire production chain is controlled by an organisation recognised and certified by the French State : ECOCERT

Our wines are all labelled South of France and our Wine Cellar has the Pays Cathare ® brand which recognises an ensemble of quality products and services offered by men and women passionate about Aude.

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